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Starting therapy can be frightening and talking to someone you do not yet know can feel odd to some. By providing a safe, consistent and respectful space I hope to ease some of these initial anxieties.

Psychotherapy offers a unique and careful exploration of the underline issues that often present themselves in a person’s life as ‘problems’ or symptoms. By increasing awareness of what might be going on ‘under the surface’, I believe we can improve our mental health and feel better equipped to face life’s challenges.

I offer therapy both in English and in Hebrew. 


Life can sometimes put pressure on adults to be fully functioning, efficient and happy with life. That is one of the reasons, although by no means the only one, that can make you feel that seeking therapy for yourself is unacceptable or in fact a sign of weakness. As in all areas in life, some effort needs to be invested in order to progress, or in fact achieve enjoyment from the present situation. Some look for therapy at a crisis point in their lives such as the loss of a job, a bereavement, relationship breakdown or other life events. Others look for therapy when they sense they are 'stuck', unable to process painful past experiences or notice a certain unhelpful repetition in their behaviour. 


Whatever your reason may be I would like to invite you to a safe and confidential space with me which will allow us together to explore your experiences with the hope to allow you to feel freer to have more choices in life.


I start with offering at least two initial consultations of between 1-1.5hours long, which provides the opportunity to get to know you a little bit and for you to get a sense of how I work and what I can offer you. 


On-going therapy consists of at least once weekly session of 50 minutes. Please call me to discuss fees.  

We have all been a child once, and some of us remember better than others how hard as well as joyful it can be. With the big task of constant development and change, sometimes children experience difficulties. If your child is presenting with difficulties at a level that makes them unhappy or you worried, therapy might be a way forward. 


In the past 10 years I have worked with many children and young people from different backgrounds, aged 5-18 and with different levels of behavioural, emotional, psychological or mental health difficulties. I currently offer therapy for over 12s. 


I offer an initial assessment consultation which will help us together to put a plan in place as to how to best meet your child or young person's therapeutic needs. For under 18s, the initial assessment can be with the child and the parent/s, the parents on their own or in cases of young people who wish to, I can meet them on their own to begin with. The initial assessment consultation will be for 90 minutes if it is with the parent/s in order to allow us time to get to know the family, some background history and the present difficulties. 


I have a network of various specialists who I regularly work with and depending on the need, I may, with your consent, refer your child/young person onto a different therapist or service which I think will be more suitable. 


On going therapy is for a minimum of once weekly sessions of 50 minutes. Please call me to discuss fees.

In case of cancellation with less than 1 week notice prior to the appointment, fees will be charged in full.

As many parents jokingly say, 'He/She did not come with a manual'. And in fact that is not only true but also crucial in recognising both the wish to understand better, and the important appreciation that every child is unique and as such, does not come with a manual. 

Many parents willingly say that it is the hardest job they have had to do and it is. Considering the ordinary challenges and demands of modern life, it is not surprising that having a child with a problem or experiencing your parenting or your child as the problem is an incredibly painful experience

Often we find that changes in a child's life impacts the whole family and vice versa, changes in family circumstances, difficulties in marital life and other life stressors can have grave impact on a child's mental health and well being. 

I offer an open and safe space to explore your concerns in order to come to a new understanding of the situation and develop a practical and useful plan and strategies to manage family life in a more positive and functional way. 

Sessions are for 50 minutes. Please call me to discuss fees. 

In case of cancellation with less than 1 week notice prior to the appointment, fees will be charged in full.

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